A “Lemonade Free” Zone…

I’m back! Long story short; over the summer everything pretty much imploded, and is finally starting to get back to normalcy (whatever that is). Even with things starting to settle down a bit, life is still regularly trying to keep handing me a fresh batch of lemons. “Why is that important”, you ask?

Well since you asked…

(steps up on soapbox)

This is one situation where I believe the “conventional wisdom” for handling the situation is rubbish. Most say that “When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade”. That simply means that when life deals you a bad situation, you should just accept it and try to make to best out of what you are given. I don’t agree with that. I don’t believe that anyone should be limited by just what they are handed by life. When life deals you a bad situation, I believe you should fight back and try to make it what you want.

The funny thing is,  this little nugget can even be found in such an unusual place as a video game. For those that just jumped ahead of me there, yes I am referring to Cave Johnson from Portal 2. His rant about life’s lemons may seem like a nice gag along the way, but it also makes so much sense.

Imagine a world where all anyone did when life handed them a bad situation was ‘make lemonade’. To put it bluntly, this world would suck. If all anyone did was ‘make lemonade’ then we would not have had Neil Armstrong walking on the moon,  Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump would have likely never happened, even most technologies that we enjoy today likely wouldn’t exist. This Country may not have ever become independent if no one challenged what life tried to hand them. Many of the greatest achievements that have been accomplished were after numerous failures, then fighting through the failures to finally find success.

Not ‘making lemonade’.

This year will already be coming to a close soon. In looking back at the year, I find that I have been doing a lot of trying to ‘make lemonade’. Trying to just get by and survive, instead of trying to turn life into what I want to make of it. We all have the choice: to either just accept what life hands us, or to challenge it and fight back. Sure, obstacles will still come up, but the choice is ours how we react to them.  I may not have any combustible lemons to use in burning life’s house down, but I am done with lemonade.

Who is with me in striving to make their lives a lemonade free zone?


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26, Married, and at a crossroads in life. Just wish I had a map...

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